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Heaven & Honey
I am a Southern girl who loves God, my family, and fried pickles. In Georgia, being a wife means being a cook so...Im here, cheerful, and TRYING. :)  I'm learning that cooking well means cooking with love. I think when food is made with loving hands, you can taste it!

I'm Vino Vixen - my nest name is Mrs.Katie_love. I mostly learned to cook through trial and error - I generally can't cook anything without following a recipe but my husband and I definitely love to put our own twists and touches into everything we cook together. Most of our recipes are fairly simple and will always be paired with a glass (or two) of our favorite wine. Enjoy!

Baking Beauty
Hi, I'm Baking Beauty!  I enjoy baking the most, but also cooking and entertaining.  My recipes are usually pretty simple and inexpensive.  I get my love of baking from my mom.  She has made some amazing cakes over the years and I would love to learn more cake decorating tips from her.  As far as cooking goes, I grew up with meat and potatoes Southern Style.  My favorite thing to cook is Italian.  I make a delicious and easy Chicken Parmesan that friends all rave about.  Unfortunately, my busy schedule does not leave me with the time or will to cook new things often.  Hopefully, you will enjoy the things I share on this blog.
Hi, I am Homemade Goddess. I love baking and cooking asian inspired cuisine but I also like cooking lots of other types of food. I like make things from scratch since my husband has a lot of dietary restrictions such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus & protein. Finding and making healthy choices for my husband can be challenge along with full-time job and a tight budget.

I am "Pastry Princess" and my nest name is MD_Chocoholic.  I am a Pastry Chef by trade, and enjoy making wedding cakes, artisan bread, cookies, cakes and, of course, anything chocolate!  I usually post quick and easy recipes, with few ingredients that are budget friendly.    I also love cooking in general and embrace the challenge of trying to make quasi-gourmet meals for the budget conscious person.

Chef Val
My specialty is really meal planning, not so much recipes. But I like to share recipes that DH and I have come to like through creating my meal plans. Meal planning has totally been the catalyst in my growing love to cook. it helps that DH and I got an awesome pot and pan set for our wedding too! Meal planning makes it fun to cook. I look forward to the meals I'm making for the week, which makes it more exciting and worth the effort. Obviously, I concentrate on main entrees in my cooking. One thing that I swear by is the need for a Santoku knife. I love my Santoku knife! If it weren't so dangerous outside the kitchen, I'd sleep with it! (haha)

Yankee Noodle
I’m Yankee Noodle, a 30 something wife and mother residing in New England that enjoys experimenting in the kitchen.  I learned the basics from my mother and self taught the rest of my kitchen skills (or lack thereof!).  I love hosting dinner parties and trying out new recipes on my friends and family.

Rebaann learned to cook from her Mom, who taught her that recipes are only suggestions and not to be afraid to try something new. 

Countess Cupcake 
Hi, I am Countess Cupcake, I am a 20 something mom and wife. My Nest Name is Lem10585! I love making cupcakes and trying new flavors and combinations.  I also love to cook!  While doing Weight Watchers, I try to make healthier recipes that taste good and are in my points!  Cupcakes and Weight Watchers, wow they go hand in hand don't they?!