Former Contributors

I'm Chef Mary.  Not a true chef by any stretch, but I love experimenting in the kitchen, and rarely use a recipe without modifying it.  My love of cooking and baking started when I was in elementary school, but hit a roadblock when I was banned from the kitchen from 4th grade until college.  My mom blamed it on spilling an entire bottle of canola oil down the cabinet and all over the floor...  Regardless, since moving out, I've rekindled my love for the kitchen.  I'm intrigued by the science of baking, and prefer to make recipes I'll enjoy eating.  Recently, I've been experimenting with vegetarian and vegan recipes. 
I'm Crockpot Momma - my nest name is ArvadaBride. I’m the proud momma of a 33 week preemie and NICU survivor.  Most of the recipes I post are made in the crockpot, hence the name.  While I may not post recipes often, when I do, watch out!, as they will quickly become one of your favorites or a go-to-meal!  Most of the recipes are fairly simple and have been given to me thru friends and family.